Common questions about Universal Salve answered:

See the USES page to determine which salve is best to use for your skin issue. If you need further assistance, reach out to us directly via contact@mymagichealer.com. Additionally, you can send us a photo of your skin issue, so that we can help you better!

Our Universal Skin Healing Salve is designed to address 97% of common skin issues. The salve works for any painful, inflamed, swollen, irritated, cracked, wounded and excessively dry skin conditions. Be sure to check out our IG B&A HIGHLIGHT to see life-changing results from our customers.

Absolutely! Our Universal Skin Healing Salve Essential Free Formula is designed especially for individuals dealing with open wounded and extremely sensitive skin. Keep in mind that our Beeswax and Propolis Magic salve (purple product) has only 0.1% lavender essential oil making it suitable for use on wounded and sensitive skin as well.

Apply the salve directly to a boil, cyst, or nodule after cleaning the affected area with witch hazel or salted water. To improve the salve's effectiveness, cover it with cotton gauze to make sure it adheres to the skin. Apply the salve consistently morning and night, until it drains the inflammation and heals the skin.

You can use our salve to help heal and prevent scars. If you are dealing with an older scar, it will require more consistent application with the salve and a longer healing period since the skin will have already hardened and is no longer in an active healing phase. It is recommended to apply the salve while still in the healing phase to prevent and minimize scarring.

Sure! For facial application, apply a light layer of salve as a moisturizer. The salve is made of non-comedogenic ingredients meaning that it will not clog your pores and the skin will be able to breathe.

We recommend using our Essential Oil Free Universal Salve (yellow product) in the 1oz jar for on-the-go application and optimally enhanced lip hydration.

The result will vary based on the type of skin condition you have.  Typically, the first results can be seen within 24 hours.

The salve maintains its freshness for up to 12 months. If stored in the refrigerator, it can last up to 18 months.

Questions from HS community answered:

For managing HS boils and flare-ups, we recommend using our Universal Skin Healer, the #1 product for HS. Thousands of people who are suffering from this excruciating skin condition consider this salve their lifeline because of its ability to effectively draw pus to the surface, reduces discomfort, eases inflammation, and speeds up healing.

Yes! If you have highly sensitive skin, open wounds, lesions, or flare-ups, our Universal Salve Essential Oil-Free Formula was made just for you. It is gentle and mild and works to protect skin from inflammation, while accelerating the healing process.

Yes, definitely! Since our salve is entirely natural, it’s safe to use in intimate areas, like the groin and under the breast. The salve helps relive irritation in these highly sensitive areas, while working to heal the skin.

Our salve offers an alternative solution to antibiotics and harsh prescriptions. For HS, the salve works effectively to draw out inflammation from underneath the skin, ensuring safe draining. Once fully drained, it actively aids in wound closure and encourages skin healing. Our salve aims to reduce flare-up duration to just 3-7 days.

Our salve works by effectively bringing inflammation to the surface and draining pus, which is the main source of the odor. The smell should subside in a few days after the pus has completely drained.

When applied on the boil during the early stages, our salve serves as a preventative solution, inhibiting boils from blowing up or getting worse. The salve heals small developing boils within a few days.

We recommend applying the salve directly to the affected areas, such as boils, cysts, abscesses, nodules, open wounds, or flare ups. Cover the salve with cotton gauze to ensure it stays on the affected area, optimizing its effectiveness and promoting further skin healing. Apply the salve twice a day, in the morning and especially overnight.

Our customers often report relief within 24 hours of application. Applying the salve consistently is recommended for best healing results. If you have questions about your specific healing journey, send an email to contact@mymagichealer.comwith more information and photos so that we can better help you.

Questions from eczema community answered:

Eczema comes in various forms. Our salve can be a game changer in terms of healing and relief if you are dealing with cracked, scaly, itchy, or broken skin eczema. Our salve offers an alternative solution to antibiotics, steroids, and harsh medications. Not to mention that it repairs cracked skin, calms redness and itching, and soothes inflammation, leaving your skin feeling nourished and moisturized.

For highly sensitive and irritated eczema, we recommend using our Universal Skin Healer Essential Oil Free Formula in yellow. It works to gently absorb into the deeper layers of skin, promoting rapid healing and skin regeneration.

For eczema, we recommend using the salve as a moisturizer. Apply a generous amount directly on the affected area, twice a day, in the morning and especially at night, letting it soak into the skin. Apply the salve as frequently as necessary to promote skin healing in cases of more severe eczema.

The salve relieves skin irritation in as little as 24 hours. Depending on the severity of your eczema, further healing and skin regeneration could take around 7–14 days.

Questions from the caring mom’s community answered:

Absolutely! The salve is 100% natural and safe to use while pregnant. Our salve is the perfect alternative solution to antibiotics, steroids, and harsh prescriptions, making it the ideal skin solution for expectant moms AND newborn babies! Our salve ensures nourishment and healing to the skin without any risk of side effects for mom or baby.

Yes, of course! Our salve is known as the most gentle and natural solution available for babies and toddlers. It’s perfect for addressing diaper rashes, minor cuts, irritations, and other common wounds. It functions as an essential healing salve that every home needs to support skin nourishment and repair.

It can! The salve should be applied as soon as mastitis starts to develop to avoid further complications; for more severe cases, it can be used in conjunction with other natural remedies to help bring relief. For nursing mothers, we recommend the Essential Oil Free Universal Salve in the yellow jar.

It sure can! The Essential Oil Free Universal Salve (yellow product) is a must-have item for any mother's postpartum care kit. Since the salve closes raw patches of skin, relieves pain and irritation, and offers quick relief, it is safe to apply to both intimate areas and open wounds.

Questions about Thyme & Tea Tree Infections salve answered:

Definitely! Our green product, Thyme and Tea Tree Infection Salve is an ideal solution for any benign, closed, or stubborn cysts or boils. Infused with the powerful qualities of thyme and tea tree essential oils, this salve effectively brings deep seated inflammation and pus to the surface, speeding up the healing process from potentially months or years to only days.

If you're dealing with stubborn, pus-filled folliculitis, our Thyme and Tea Tree Infection Salve is the best option for you. This salve is designed to stop bacteria from spreading while drawing the inflammation from underneath the skin. The infection salve drains pus and speeds up healing leaving the skin smooth and nourished.

Our Thyme and Tea Tree Infection salve's formulation is like that of our Universal Skin Healer. However, the infection salve in green contains powerful essential thyme and tea tree oils, making it ideal for stubborn and closed inflammations and infections. The salve works to pull out and drain the pus from underneath the skin, stop bacteria from spreading and further heal the skin.

Our purple and green products function similarly and are based on the same formula. Because the purple jar has fewer essential oils, it works well on skin that is injured, sensitive, and irritated. Because our green product contains a higher concentration of essential oils, it is particularly helpful for treating stubborn inflammations that sit underneath the skin.

Certainly! Our Thyme and Tea Tree Infection Salve is like the holy grail for after shave or waxing irritations. The salve serves as a preventative measure for ingrown hairs, bumps, infections, as well as for other unpleasant skin issues that occur after shaving or waxing. The Thyme and Tea Tree Infections Salve leaves your skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and protected every time you use it.

Questions from cystic acne community answered:

For cystic acne, we recommend using our Thyme and Tea Tree Infection Salve, especially if you're struggling with persistent under-the-skin inflammations that require robust ingredients like those that are in this salve. With consistent application, this product gets rid of bacteria that cause acne and drains pus that lies under the skin, leaving the skin looking radiant and smooth.

Great news! Our salve is non-comedogenic, meaning it won't clog your pores or cause breakouts. The salve is made of high quality, non-comedogenic ingredients. When generously applied to the skin, this salve allows the skin to breathe better bolstering regeneration and optimal healing.

Our salve relieves red, painful, and injured skin in 1-3 days, but it depends on the type of cystic acne. It may take four to seven days or longer to see noticeable changes in particularly severe acne. If you need further guidance, reach out to us directly at contact@mymagichealer.com,, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Yes, the salve can be used with other skincare products. However, if you are looking to heal infections on the skin, we recommend allowing the salve to sit on top of the infected area to maximize the healing process.

The salve does not work as effectively for blackheads, the salve works best if you are dealing with infected or inflamed skin.

Questions about Comfrey & Arnica Painless salve answered:

Our Comfrey and Arnica Painless Salve in the pink jar is specifically formulated to ease tension in the joints and alleviate muscle pain. The combination of comfrey and arnica in the Painless Salve has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that reduce swelling and inflammation.

Our Comfrey and Arnica Painless Salve is used to relieve tension and pain in various parts of the body, particularly joints and muscles, including achy back, neck, shoulders, and knees.

Apply our Comfrey and Arnica Painless Salve directly to the affected area and gently massage it into the skin. To help keep the salve on the skin and allow for maximum relief, we recommend covering the affected area with a warm cloth after applying.

Yes! Back pain can be relieved by applying Comfrey and Arnica Painless Salve, which works by easing tension and discomfort.

Shipping and Refund questions answered:

Reach out to us directly via contact@mymagichealer.com. Send us a picture of what you received, and our team will work diligently to resolve the issue.

Our standard shipping time to Canada and the USA is 6-10 business days. International orders typically take 10-25 business days. If your package has not arrived within these time frames, reach out to us directly at contact@mymagichealer.com and we will promptly resend the package.

In order to track your package, please visit our TRACK YOUR ORDER page. If you need further guidance, reach out to us directly at contact@mymagichealer.com, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Reach out to us directly via contact@mymagichealer.com so we can assist you better.

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