About Us


When I was 13 years old, I used to suffer from a regular
occurrence of abscesses. To heal them, I was
prescribed different ointments and antibiotics from
doctors, yet none of them helped.
One time I had got a boil on my eyebrow and my
grandma took me to a doctor. He said that the way to
heal it is to do a lancing surgery, as a way to drain the
swollen bump on my eyebrow.
My grandmother did not sit well, so she talked to her
friend, a 70-year-old retired surgeon, who
recommended making this salve with beeswax, olive oil
and egg yolk. After a week of applying the salve with a
bandage over it, the bump magically disappeared.

Since then, the Magic Salve has been a staple in our household treating any type of skin problem. We use it from the smallest scratches to the deepest under-skin inflammations

I knew I wasn’t alone and I knew that a lot of people would tremendously benefit from the Magic Salve as well, so I decided to start MyMagicHealer. The movement for natural healing that we have been providing has been growing ever since.

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our vision

Become the #1 company that helps with bacterial
infections and other painful skin issues

Our Mission

We are bringing back traditional medicine to
help with healing skin issues

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of Our Story!