The Ultimate Skin Healer Trio
The Ultimate Skin Healer Trio
The Ultimate Skin Healer Trio
The Ultimate Skin Healer Trio
The Ultimate Skin Healer Trio
The Ultimate Skin Healer Trio

The Ultimate Skin Healer Trio

$ 128.00 USD
Embrace a natural, holistic route for comprehensive self-care, addressing skin issues and body aches with our specially curated healing salve trio.
  • fast relief
  • gentle & soothing
  • pulls out inflammation and pus from underneath the skin
  • our customer's satisfaction is our top priority

Purple product: grapeseed oil, olive oil, beeswax, propolis, egg yolk extract and lavender essential oil.

Green product: grapeseed, & olive oils, beeswax, egg yolk extract, tea tree and thyme essential oils.

Pink product: grapeseed oil, olive oil, beeswax, comfrey & arnica dried herbs, peppermint, coriander & clove essential oils.

Purple product is ideal for wounded, painful, tender, open, infected, irritated, dry, and cracked skin, extending nurturing care.

Green product is intended for closed inflammations and infections that sit underneath the skin, closed cysts, bumps and cystic acne.

Pink product is intended for body joints and muscle aches, sprains, tension, swelling, rheumatic pains, and injuries.

See our USES page for the full list of applications.

While our products are made out of all natural and simple ingredients, it is important to consider that all bodies may react differently to the ingredients

Test patch the product on a small area to avoid potential allergies to bee products.

This salve is not for viral or fungal issues nor for allergy related rashes

The product has not been evaluated by Health Canada and the FDA and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.


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Unlock True, Lasting Healing With MyMagicHealer

Your gateway to reliable, effective and proven skin rejuvenation is right here.

Your Skin's True Ally? MyMagicHealer

Let the healing begin and your doubts vanish with each and every soothing application.

Calm and Soothe

Eliminate skin issues with our skin healing salves, for a soothed, calm skin.

Enhance Skin Repair

Accelerate your skin's natural healing, allowing for swift repair and renewal, even when at rest.

 Ease Discomfort

Alleviate skin discomfort with our nurturing formulas, offering immediate relief and long-lasting comfort.

Reveal Radiance

Discover the healing magic of mother nature revealing your skin's true, radiant potential.

A Natural Alternative to Harsh Pharmaceuticals, Antibiotics & Steroid Creams

Our purple and green products function similarly and are based on the same formula. Because the purple jar has fewer essential oils, it works well on skin that is injured, sensitive, and irritated. Because our green product contains a higher concentration of essential oils, it is particularly helpful for treating stubborn inflammations that sit underneath the skin.

For cystic acne, we recommend using our Thyme and Tea Tree Infection Salve, especially if you're struggling with persistent under-the-skin inflammations that require robust ingredients like those that are in this salve. With consistent application, this product gets rid of bacteria that cause acne and drains pus that lies under the skin, leaving the skin looking radiant and smooth.

Great news! Our salve is non-comedogenic, meaning it won't clog your pores or cause breakouts. The salve is made of high quality, non-comedogenic ingredients. When generously applied to the skin, this salve allows the skin to breathe better bolstering regeneration and optimal healing.

Your 5-Star Treatment

Countless folks have experienced relief from troublesome skin issues with MyMagicHealer, and their heartwarming stories of pain-free lives fuel our passion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

My must have ultimate set 🩷✨

Awee, love that❤️

Eryka Beams

My magic healer arrived just in time. I had a flare up under my breast. Slapped some on with a bandaid and by evening time the bump had drastically decreased and was healing. Cannot believe how fast this works. I have tried everything. Seen it on TikTok and was desperate. Amazed. Yall truly know what you’re doing.

Beautiful! So happy to hear your feedback and to know that your skin is healing fast❤️

Bree Williams

The productz are amazing! I have two problem areas with my HS and the salves does so much justice I can’t even describe! You guys have brought mi so much relief and I thank you!

So happy to know that our salve has brought you lots of relief! Thank you for your amazing feedback and for trusting MyMagicHealer. Your support means everything to us.

Corraya Blackwell
There’s truly something out here for us

I’ve been dealing this since I was a teenager & I am grown now I finally at 34 shared with everyone that’s close to me what I’ve been dealing with and immediately a close friend reached and came across this I’ve had a flare up a few days into having my magic healer so I said what’s the worst to try it now and I’m a true believer thank you so much

Wow, thank you for sharing your feedback with us! It's amazing to hear that after all these years, you've found our product and it's finally bringing you the healing you need❤️

Jacqueline Murphy

I would not hesitate to recommend this product. I was almost instantly reduced in pain after the 1st application... Could be a life changer

Hello Jacqueline,
Thank you! We are so blessed to hear your feedback and to know that after first application your skin felt so much better