Complete Infections Salve
Complete Infections Salve
Complete Infections Salve
Complete Infections Salve
Complete Infections Salve
Complete Infections Salve
Complete Infections Salve

Complete Infections Salve

$ 118.00 USD
$ 118.00 USD
A perfect, reliable backup for unexpected skin inflammations, promoting skin security, peace of mind, and fostering a serene sense of total tranquility.
  • centuries-old, trusted remedy for skin issues
  • kind on your skin, tough on infections
  • pulls out inflammation and pus from underneath the skin
  • your satisfaction is our top priority

Purple product: grapeseed oil, olive oil, beeswax, propolis, egg yolk extract and lavender essential oil. Green product: Grapeseed, & olive oils, beeswax, egg yolk extract, tea tree and thyme essential oils.

One jar, myriad solutions. Ideal for inflamed, painful, tender, wounded, infected, irritated, dry, and cracked skin, extending nurturing care.

See our USES page for the full list of applications.

While our products are made out of all natural and simple ingredients, it is important to consider that all bodies may react differently to the ingredients

Test patch the product on a small area to avoid potential allergies to bee products.

This salve is not for viral or fungal issues nor for allergy related rashes

The product has not been evaluated by Health Canada and the FDA and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.


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A Natural Alternative to Harsh Pharmaceuticals, Antibiotics & Steroid Creams

The salve works on brining inflmamation that sits underneath the skin to the top. It relieves pain and tenderness, inhibits bacterial
overgrowth, underneath the skin, speeds up skin regeneration.

Overnight, apply the salve on the clean area and allow its ingredients to work on inflammation and painful skin.

For severe, pus filled skin issues - apply the salve morning and night and cover it with a breathable gauze.
For lighter irritations, bigger areas of skin, apply the salve morning and night it as a moisturizer.

Your 5-Star Treatment

Countless folks have experienced relief from troublesome skin issues with MyMagicHealer, and their heartwarming stories of pain-free lives fuel our passion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Pricey but great

I love these products for my HS and as a preventative but I’m finding it increasingly harder to afford them with the price increases. I’ve been offered discount codes for before and after pics but I’m in kind of a remission and my HS is in areas that are often incredibly hard to photograph without being PG18. I would give them all 5 stars if it was accessibly affordable for more of us.

Thank you for your honest feedback. We're always seeking ways to better support our customers and provide lasting benefits that keep your skin healthy without any side effects❤️

Samantha Corneli Kardouche
Amazing, wish I had discovered sooner!

These products are truly amazing, I've been suffering with HS for years and just started using the salve recently, it has helped tremendously! It reduces inflammation and provides so much relief. I will not go without this! Strongly recommend.

Love! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the salve and recommending it to your family and friends❤️

Jessica S

I’ve suffered from HS for years and had boils the size of mini golf balls the green tee tree cream and purple magic cream are the best thing I’ve tried not even prescribed medication has worked on my flare ups thank you so much for creating something to help with this condition❤️kind regards jess

Wow!❤️ Thank you sharing, your feedback is inspiring.

Good but need more time to see results

I only just got it so not sure how I feel about it yet. The green bottle with the thyme and tea tree has a strong smell. I think it’s the tea tree. Not bad but it does make my eyes burn a little tbh. I think it’s helping with the irritation on my arms but I need to use it longer to see if it’s working for my cystic acne and stuff on my face. However I will say I had ordered a batch originally but it got lost in the mail. The customer service was very helpful and sent me a new order which was great. So that was nice :)

Dylan Staver

Use both MyMagicHealer salves on a daily basis. Leaving my skin glowing and soft. Works wonders when I have had a staph infection during the healing process.