Where did the Beeswax & Propolis Magic Salve Come From and Why is it so special?

Beeswax and Propolis Magic Salve's recipe

came from ancient times. The combination of its simple and 100% natural ingredients has proved many times that the salve is magical.
The salve, which our ancestors used for centuries, is simply universal. It treats almost everything, from sinusitis to burns. Perhaps that is why our grandparents, who did not know what traditional medicine was, kept this recipe so carefully.

It works by pulling up the inflammation from the body and then gently regenerating skin tissues of the affected area. In traditional medicine, this magic salve is known to help with 100 problems related to inflammation. It is known to help with abscesses, wounds, cysts, cracked skin, dermal problems, swelling, pus, burns and more. This formula eliminates pathogens and accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissue while relieving pain and discomfort. With regular use, the product has a long-lasting effect, due to this, you can get rid of unpleasant symptoms for that have been inhibiting your life a long time.

The salve is also commonly used for cosmetic purposes because of its rich regenerating properties. It helps with smoothing out the wrinkles on the face by nourishing skin with a lot of vitamins and minerals that are present in beeswax, propolis and egg yolk oil.

My first experience with this salve

Initially, the recipe for the Magic salve came from my grandma, she showed me how to combine the ingredients to create it. When I was 12 years old, I used to suffer from furunculosis, a regular occurrence of abscesses. Once, I had a big swollen bump on my eyebrow. The doctor said to do surgery on it. But my grandma wasn't convinced, she didn't want me to have a scar on my eyebrow, so she talked to her 70-year-old friend, a retired surgeon who recommended making an ointment with olive oil, beeswax, and egg. Within 5 or 7 days of regular compresses, my bump was completely gone. It was like a miracle that I didn't believe in until it was gone. It turned out that this ointment is known to help with 100 problems in traditional medicine.

Ever since the magic ointment has always been in my family’s home. We use it for everything from small scratches on the skin to deep inflammation.

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Where did the Beeswax & Propolis Magic Salve Come From and Why is it so special?